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28 Aug

Santa Clara University School of Law's Online MLS in Corporate Compliance Featured in SCCE Blog

"Even when aiming for a career in compliance, degree programs are hard to find," Karen Latchana Kenney wrote in The Compliance & Ethics Blog. Not anymore.

Santa Clara Law Associate Dean for Experiential and Competency-Based Learning Sandee Magliozzi, Esq., and Eric Feldman, a faculty member in the Online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) and Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) member, were featured in an article on The Compliance & Ethics Blog, which is run by the SCCE.

In the article, "Santa Clara's Masters of Corporate Compliance: Using SCCE Books in Higher Education," Magliozzi and Feldman discuss the program's details, goals, and benefits.

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Key Takeaways

  • According to Magliozzi, the Online MLS in Corporate Compliance was designed to "respond to the needs of global industry" and to add value both for students and for the organizations where they work
  • Two Online MLS faculty members, who are also SCCE members, are featured in the article:
    • Eric Feldman, senior VP and managing director at Affiliated Monitors
    • Art Weiss, chief compliance and ethics officer at TAMKO Building Products and vice president of the SCCE & HCCA Board of Directors
  • Feldman's course, Compliance Processes, utilizes two SCCE publications:

Accelerate Your Credentialing

Whether you've been working in a compliance-driven role for years or are interested in shifting your focus to this in-demand profession, the Online MLS in Corporate Compliance can help you reach your goals. Learn more about our expert instructors and read our article about how to carve your career in compliance.